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Useful Information

CurrencyRenminbi (RMB)
Electric Plug Details
Two parallel flat blades
220Volt, 50Hz
IDD City Code
IDD Country Code
Putonghau (Mandarin)
Mobile System
Time Zone
GMT/UTC +8()
Useful Telephone
Emergencies 120
Police Dial 110
Fire & Ambulance 119

The Yabuli Skiing Center

It's located in Shangzhi City in the east of Heilongjiang Province, 193 kilometers away from Harbin and 120 kilometers away from Mudanjiang City. The highest peak of the Yabuli Skiing Center is 1374.8 meters above sea level. The lowest temperature is 44 degrees below zero. The average temperature is 10 degrees below zero. The snow period lasts for 170 days in a year. The time for skiing is nearly 150 days. The whole skiing center is surrounded by mountains. The dense forest is covered with deep snow. The scenery is very spectacular. The Third Wokui, the highest peak of Mountain Wokui, has been developed into a large-scale tourist skiing ground. The Large Wokui and the Second Wokui have ever been used as the racing course in the 3rd Asian Winter Games. It's the training base for national skiers. It's well served with skiing. There are 11 primary, intermediate and advanced skiing courses. The high-mountain skiing course here is the longest in Asia. In the skiing ground, there are a five-kilometer-long circular cross - country skiing course and special courses for snow sledge and snow motorcycle. There are three double-seat cableways of levitation type, two pulling cableways and one carrying cableway. Skier can take the cableway at any place. They can ski in all the skiing courses of the skiing ground without taking off their skis. The skiing ground owns much modern mechanical equipment like snow-making machines, snow-pressing machines and snow motorcycle. Judging not only from the number, the length and the fall of the skiing course but also from all other skiing facilities and integrated service level, the Yabuli Skiing Ground is much better than other skiing grounds in China. It's the best place for competitive skiing and tourist skiing. In 1996, all the items on ice of the 3rd Asian Winter Games was held here successfully. Here is the permanent site of the annual conference of the Chinese Entrepreneur Tribune too.  Its reputed as "the China's Davos".

Ice Lantern Exhibition

The First Ice Lantern Exhibition was held in 1963. It is held in the Zhaolin Park every winter. It covers an area of 6.5 hectors. About 1500 works are on show, with about 2000 cubic ice used. It's the earliest and largest ice lantern exhibition in the world at present. It has been developed into a large-scale outdoor ice lantern exhibition.  It's Harbin's traditional activity. The scene is very spectacular. The scenery is very attractive. Harbin's artists use the natural ice to create all kinds of ice-sculpture works of art.  With some modern technological means, artists and craftsmen turn pieces of natural ice into many fine and vivid ice-lantern works of art. The whole park is changed into an ice world and a lantern sea. Every year, there are new changes in the Ice Lantern Exhibition. So, it's called "the nonrepetitive fairy tale forever" by people

St. Sofia Orthodox Church

The St.Sofia Orthodox Church is the largest Orthodox Church in the Far East. The St.Sofia Orthodox Church is 53.35 meters high and It covers an area of 721 square meters. It's the typical representative of the Byzantine architecture. The church is majestic and extremely beautiful. All the walls of the church adopt red brick. There is a huge onion-shaped dome on the top of the church. Four tent-shaped arch roofs are distributed around it in different sizes. There are stairs to connect four buildings. It has four entrances in four directions. At the top of the main entrance is the Bell Tower. Seven copper bells just stand for seven notes. The trained ringer strikes them with his hands and feet. People can hear a ripple of melodious ding. The lofty St.Sofia Orthodox Church is a unique human landscape with exoticism in Harbin.

Central Street

The Central Street is the largest and longest pedestrian street in Asia. The street then called "Chinese Street"was first built in 1898. In 1925, the name was changed into "Central Street". It gradually developed into the busiest commercial street in Harbin. It begins from the Songhua River Flood Monument in the north to the Jinwei Street in the south. There are 71 European-style and simulated European-style buildings on the street in total. 13 city-level protected buildings assemble here. These buildings are in various styles, such as, renaissance style, baroque style, eclectic style, modern style. It's a rare "Architectural Art Gallery" in China. The pedestrian street is in beautiful surroundings. The whole street is in good order.  It has become a bright spot of Harbin because of its unique European-style feature, long lines of edifices, masses of entertainment areas, and colorful cultural life.

Sun Island

The Sun Island Scenic Spot facing the Sidalin Park, separated by the Songhua River, It's a famous scenic spot in the world. It covers a total area of 38 square kilometers and is characterized by the simple and wild landscape. It's a wonderful fairyland for townsmen to have a camp, bath and picnic. In the early eighties, the song of the Beautiful Sun Island, sung by famous singer-Zheng Xulan, displayed the taste of the Sun Island. From then on, it became very famous. The Sun Island together with some smaller islands and sandbars constitutes the Sun Island Scenic Spot. It's a good summer resort for traveling and relaxing.?There are more than 20 scenic spots on the island, including, the Pavilion on the Water, the Sacred Cranes, the Doe and its Young, the Long Bank and Weeping Willow, etc. More than ten characteristic places are built in the scenic spot, such as, mount Sun, the Sun Lake, the Water Lily Lake, the Sisters Bridge, the Bridge with a Pavilion, the White Jade Bridge, the Shangwu Bridge, the Pavilion on the Water, the Children's Amusement Park, the Clove Garden, the Flower Garden, the Zhi Stone on the Sun Island, the Jinjiang Gallery, the Landscape Line along the River. These scenic spots form beautiful scenery. The mountain glass itself in the lake. The spring is clear. The waterfall falls down with high speed. Fish spring in the lotus Pond. These bring the limitless reverie for visitors.

The Grand World of Ice and Snow

The Grant World of Ice and Snow was built at the bank of the Songhua River at the end of 1999. Its held every year. It gathers the elite of the ice and snow arts of the world. It combines the ice and snow with recreation. It mixes the new creative ideas, artistic presentation, mass participation and recreation.  The scene is majestic. The scenery is very beautiful. It's reputed as "the Ice and Snow Epic Picture". Since the holding of the Grant World of Ice and Snow, the sites are always being changed. In 2001, the 3rd Grand World of Ice and Snow was decided to be held in the Western Region of the Sun Island at the north bank of the Songhua River. The Western Region covers a total area of 2,820,000 square meters, including the Grant World of Ice and Snow. A tourist holiday village is on construction now. One of its main parts is the building of the Four Season Amusement Park. It will take the building of the ecological natural landscape as the main line. Develop and construct the gulf course that can reach the international standard, the aquatic Amusement park, the sports facilities for recreation and the Europe-style landscape.


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