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Yalong Bay Tourism Zone

It is 25 kilometers away from Sanya city in the southeast,.

As a unique state-level tourist resort, Yalong Bay is characterized by its tropical ambiance. It covers an area of 18.6 square kilometers and is a combination of seaside parks, deluxe villas, conference centers, top hotels, holiday villages, marine world, water activity center, golf-courses, yacht clubs and so on.

Yalong Bay possesses the five essential elements of modern tourist resource-sea, sands, sunshine, green plants and fresh air. The area is of a distinguished tropical marine climate with an anual average temperature of 25.5 centigrade degree. The lowest temperature of the region in the water is 22 centigrade degree in winter, a great convenience for all kinds of water activities. Its 66 square kilometers water area can hold hundreds of thousands of visitors swimming and playing in the water. The water here is crystally clear and the 10 meters undersea sights are clearly visible.

The butterfly valley is located in the north of Yalong Bay Tourism Zone. Entering the Hudielianhua (which means that the butterfly loves flowers) Exhibition House in a butterfly shape, you can see in five exhibition rooms not only the most precious butterflies in China like the Teinopalpus aureus, Bbutanitis Atkinson but also the world famous butterflies, such as Ornlthoptera goliath Oberth, Brassolidae, Chaetodon bennetti, Morpho cissls Feld and so on, which make you be struck with admiration. Outside the Exhibition House is a large-scaled butterfly garden built with net and made good use of the tropical plants and environment. In the garden grow the characteristic old bush rope in the tropical zone, the fancy and graceful banyan, the famous Dragontree, Lannea and so on, all of which give you a sense of warm and fragrant reflecting in the wild flowers and artificial flowers and accompanying by the running water through the valley and flying butterflies. The wonderful scene is so enchanted as to make tourists forget about home.

Luhuitou Park

Luhuitou is a peninsula with water at three sides in the Sanya Bay which is 5 kilometers away from the urban city.

Luohuitou Park is situated on the hill near the seashore, 3 kilometers away from the Sanya city in the south.

The name Luohuitou which means the deer turning its head back is derived from a moving love story. Long time ago, a tyrant emperor desired a pair of dear hairy deerhorn, so he forced a Li ethnic young man named Ahei to hunt for deer on the mountainous areas. Once, when Ahei was hunting, he saw a beautiful spotted deer chased by a panther. He shot the panther to death with his arrow and run after the deer for nine days and nine nights. After passing ninety-nine hills, they arrived at the Coral Cliff of Sanya. The deer found no way to escape except jumping into the sea while the hunter were bending his bow and got ready to shoot. Suddenly it turned its head back and changed into a beautiful girl walking toward him. Then, the hunter and the girl fell in love and married. In the end, the fairy girl collected her brothers to defeat the tyrant and settle down on the cliff. After several generations'hard work, they finally built the Coral Cliff into a beautiful farm. From then on, the romantic hill has been called Luhuitou.

At present, a charming park has been built on the top of the Luhuitou and a huge sculpture 9 meters long, 4.9 meters wide and 12 meters high was set there based on the moving legend. The city is also nicknamed "Deer City".

The panoramic view of the vast sea, the rolloing mountains and the of Sanya city gained from the top of the hill is pfantastic . Inside the Luhuitou Park, there are winding paths, Halley's comet observation station built on the mountain, white wave-hearing pavilion, red Guanghai kiosk, the lover's island, and other scenic spots like the Monkey Mountain, Deer House, Hut of Li People, Turtle's Heaven and the Immortal Pond. What's more exciting is that you can taste the red coconutthe treasure of Hainan coconuts.

The Luhuitou Bay is on the foot of the Luhuitou Mountain. There, you can enjoy and view school of colorful parrotfish, ill-looking sea cucumber, fishworm, sea sycas, sea fan, coral tree, sea flower, soft coral, sea oyster, jelly fish, sea nettle and so on.

Wuzhizhou Island Tourism Zone

About 2.7kilometers away from the village and 30 kilometers away from the city center in the north, the Wuzhizhou Island is located in the Haitang Bay in Houhai village, Linwang county, facing the Nanwanhou Island in the north and bordering the Yalong Bay called "the first bay in the world"in the south. It is next to the eastern highway and 38 kilometers away from the Phoenix Airport.

Wuzhizhou Island called "Guqizhou"in the ancient time, has an area of 1.48 square kilometers in the shape of an irregular butterfly with a length of 1400 meters from the east to the west and a width of 1100 meters from the north to the south which is 30 kilometers away from the city center. As one of the few islands with fresh water and rich plants around Hainan Island, it possesses more than 2000 kinds of plants and lots of precious trees like the Dragontree called the giant panda in the plantsas well as some rare botanic landscapes, such as symbiosis, autoeciousness and so on.

The transport on the island is very convenient thanks to its advantageous location and the Eastern highway near it. And the biggest hovership in the country at the moment is able to carry 70 people at one time to the island.

The Wuzhizhou Island which is of a typical tropical maritime climate is endowed with a pleasant temperature all the year round, an ideal place for holidays, leisure, winter prevention, winter swim and other recreations.

There are more than 2000 different kinds of plants, arbors and shrubs growing on the island. And the altitude of the highest point in the southeast of the island is 79.9 meters with dangerous cliff, reef and surfing sea. As to land in the west and north area, it is relatively flat with soft and white sands on the beach. The sea water there is extremely clear with a high visibility of 27 meters. Besides, it is rich in nightlight snails, sea cucumber, lobsters, sierra fish, urchin, pomfret and colorful tropical fish. And the coral reefs which are fantastic and of different shapes in the seabed of the southern sea area are well-protected. Therefore, it is the best place for seawater entertainments, especially for diving. Two historical relics, namely the Matsu Temple and the Guanri Cliff are the must-see spots.

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone in Sanya

It is located on the Nanshan Mountain, about 40 kilometers away from Sanya.

The Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone consists of three gardens with special themes. The Nanshan Buddhist Culture Park serving as a window on China's is rich in philosophy and profound meaning which often arouses in visitors a sense of enlightenment and morality. The main constructions in the park include the Nanshan Temple, Guanyin Cultural Garden, Tianzhu Saint Vestige, Scenic Garden for Buddhism, Shifangtalin, Guigen Garden, Communication Center for Buddhist Culture, Dining and Shopping Street and so on. The Felicity and Longevity Culture Park is a garden collecting the essence of Chinese long culture with the aim at creating atmosphere of peace, harmony and happy life. With its blue sky and sea, sunshine and sands, forest and reef, architecture, the Nanshan Custom Park well presents the natural landscape on the coastline of South Sea and the culture and customs of Li and Miao nationalities. Things and places for tourists to visit are the Custom Garden for Li and Miao Nationalities, Fairyland of Legend, Memorial House for Huang Daopo, Ocean Park, Underwater World and Paradise for Birds and Flowers.   

The 3.8 meter-high Golden Jade Guanyin Statue is made uo of four parts, the golden body, the bright leaf, the Qianye lotus and the base made of red sandal wood, which had consumed more than 100 kilograms gold. There are also 120 carats of South African diamonds embedded with Chinese traditional handicraft on it as well as other countless jewels like red and blue stones, emerald, coral, pearls and green jade of more than 100 kilograms. Its golden body was welded by 200 golden slices with an average thickness of 1.2 mm in hand-mould process. Its produces different colors and tactile sensations thanks to the different handicrafts.

Tianyahaijiao Tourism Zone

26 kilometers away from Sanya city in the western area, Tianyahaijiao (which means the edge of the sky and the end of the sea) Tourism Zone composes of the tropical granite tourism area, the shopping area and the vocation village, with a combination of tropical sea sights, historical relics and national folkway culture.

The Chinese words "Nantianyizhu" written by the chief magistrate of Yazhou prefecture Fang Yunti in Xuantong period of Qing dynasty, was originated from a legend. It's said that a long time ago, two fairy maidens from Li nationality in Lingshui descended secretly to the world to help the fishers in the South Sea to fish. Very annoyed for that, the empress sent the Thunder God and Goddess to catch them back. Because they refused to obey the order, they were changed into rocks and cleaved in two parts, one fell in the sea near Li'an, and the other which is now called "Nantianyizhu" fell at one side of Tianya. The scene of the Nantianyizhu was printed on the back side of the two-yuan note (1986 edition)


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