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Useful Information

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New Summer Palace

Built in the same size of the burned Summer Palace in Beijing, the New Summer Palace in Zhuhai recovered numerous scenic spots in their old construction style combined with modern features.

It is located at the foot of the Shilin Mountain on the Jiuzhou Avenue in Zhuhai City. Covering an area of 1.39 square kilometers, the New Summer Palace is surrounded with green mountains on three sides and with the southern side left open. The Fuhai Lake in the palace covers a water area of 80 thousand kilometers. The total investment in the first phase of its construction is more than 0.6 billion yuan. The New Summer Palace is one of the first 4A level scenic areas in China.

The New Summer Palace, which incorporates the classical royal palace complex, the classical garden building on the Yangtze Delta and the western style buildings, reproduces the elegance and talent in the flourishing age of the Qing Dynasty. In the west of the palace are the western style buildings of unique noble disposition. The white marble walls and the exquisite decorations of the interior hall make you feel as if you were in the ancient European palaces.

Scenic areas, such as the Justice and Honour Hall and Jiuzhou Qing banq and the scenic area of the Jiuzhou palace banquet of the Qing Dynasty, have a solemn and square layout, either displaying the imposing air of the royal family or exhibiting the refined disposition of the beauties in the harem of the Qing Dynasty. The yellow glasses are energetic and graceful; the green ones are instinct with life; and the purple ones repel ghosts and avoid evil spirits.  

Wai Lingding Island

Wai Lingding Island is located to the south of Hong kong. It is an island town under the jurisdiction of the east district of Zhuhai City. It is 27.5 sea miles away from Macau and the urban area of Zhuhai to the west, about 35 sea miles from Shenzhen to the north, 6 sea miles aways from the Changzhou Island in Hongkong and 11 sea miles away from the Jianshazui harbor in Kowloon. There are fliers and yachts coming and going every day. Wai Lingding Island has a unique style among the scattered Wanshan islands. It covers an area of 4.23 square kilometers. It is graceful and tranquil with fresh air. It is famous for its natural beauty, an ideal place for tourism and vacation, large and small conferences, and all sorts of trainings.
Wai Lingding Island is graceful and sublime. The Lingding peak, the highest peak on the island, is as high as 311.8 meters. There are luxuriant flowers and trees all the year around, providing much beauty. Climbing high and overlooking, you can see the scattered islands. And chasing waves in a speeding boat, you can experience the wash of the waves and the crosscurrent of the sea. In a clear day, on the Linding seas, the sea and the sky are in one color. At dusk of a thin mist, the rosy clouds are reflected in the sea with a fishing boat in the sunset. Among the watery mist, the sceneries in the Xing River sometimes emerge out from cloud and sometimes disappear among fog like a mirage in fantasy. The island is gorgeous though not very large and graceful though not very high. It is praised for clean water and exotic stones. The beach of the Lingding Bay, the Tower Bay and the Dadong Bay on the island has fine sands and crystal water. They are ideal places for fishing, swimming and surging. There are already tourist facilities, such as the Lingding sea Hotel and the Russian Mountain Resort. The main scenic spots include: the beach amusement park in the Dadong Bay, the scenic area of the Stone Park, the stone carvings on the Mo Rock, the mirage on the Xiang River, the morning bell of the North Emperor Mountain, the collection of sightseeing scenes on the Lingding peak.

Meixi Memorial Archways

Meixi Memorial Archways consists of three elegant stone archways standing at the Meixi village, Qianshan Town. This ancient complex was built under the order of Qing Emperor Guangxu to honor Chen Fang, the first chief consul of the Honolulu of the Qing Government. It serves as a key historic sites under the state's special protection.

Chenxiang was from Meixi Village in Qianshan Town. In 1849, he was forced to leave his homeland for Honolulu in America for a living. Chenfang later acquired his wealth through running sugar cane business. Chenfang returned in 1890 and denoted large amount of money in public service in his hometown. His practices were highly praised by the locals and won appreciation from the Imperial government.  Three archways were built successively to memorize Chenfang's great dedication to the country and its people.

The scenic area of the Meixi Memorial Archwaysi occupies an area of 126,000 square meters. It takes the first Chinese consulate in Hawaii at the end of Qing dynasty, the oversea Chinese millionaire Mr. Chen Fang's former house, the Chen family's garden, the Meixi Memorial Archways and the graveyard of Chen Fang's family as the principal part. Moreover, it exhibits Chen Fangs family history, Chinese stone archways, Zhuhai famous people's waxwork, the Chinese needlecrafts. Recently it has also added "the Chinese folk craftwork workshop" and performances, such as the Sichuan Opera "Changing Face" and acrobatics, etc. It is a tourist and vocational resort, which incorporates celebrity memorial, national review, protection of cultural relics, and sightseeing and leisure

Zhuhai International Circuit

The Zhuhai International Circuit covers an area of 4 square kilometers. It is the newest and best one among the Asia's six A -level tracks (including four tracks in Japan and one in Indonesia) at present. The track of the Zhuhai International Circuit is composed of four layers. The bottom layer, which is 15 centimeters thick, is made of detritus. The second and third layers are made of asphalt concrete. The top layer is made of bituminous pavement. All of the layers adopt the newest materials in the world with a high melting point. Therefore, they will not become sticky at high temperatures. The whole length of the track is 4.32 kilometers. The track width is 12 meters for straight sections and 14 meters for the rest sections. There are 16 turns designed in a clockwise direction, of which 5 are left turns. The highest speed on this track reaches 300 kilometers per hour. The principal project of the circuit includes the command center, the maintenance center, the medical center, the distinguished guest hall and the news center, etc. In October 31st, 1996, the Zhuhai International Circuit was officially opened and the first International Race was held on the first Formula 1 circuit in China. The race attracts 300 automobile racers and 250 race cars from 19 countries and regions, including the world famous McLaren motorcade, the Porsche motorcade and the Ferrari motorcade. The race includes 9 events, such as the GT endurance race, the Southeast house car challenge race, the Asia Formula circuit and China domestic car race.

Jintai Temple

The highest peak of the Huangyang Mountain stands within the confines of the Doumen County in the Zhuhai City. It is as high as 583 meters and has been known as "the first peak along the gateway to the Pearl River". The Yexi highways along the coast pass by at the foot of the mountain. Looking northward through the bus window, you will see a striking building in the style of ancient times with the orange-colored glass roof tiles among the green mountains. This is the well-known the Jintai Temple on the Huangyang Mountain. The Jintai Temple is located at the south foot of the Huangyang Mountain where "the general took off his armor". The sceneries are graceful here, overlooking the Yamen seaport and lying at the back of the highest peak of the Huangyang Mountain. The Green Dragon Mountain extends to the left and the White Tiger Mountain grovels to the right. In the front of it is a sheet of skyey water and on the opposite bank of the mountain is a high projecting rock named "Dengxian Rock", where the legendary cowboy king of Doumen ascended to heaven and become immortal. Driving the car along the Huangyang Avenue, striking off into the reservoirs and straight to the mountain gate, and then ascending the stairs along the more than three hundred stone steps, you can see the eminent and magnificent Grand Hall of the Great Hero, in which there is a glorious statue of Buddha and an antique comprehensive room.

Shijing Mountian Ropeway

Situated at the foot of the meandering and luxuriant Shijing Mountain (also called the mountain of Xiniuwangyue: the rhinoceros looking up at the Moon), the Shijing Mountain Ropeway is almost on all the tour itineraries in and around the city. According to the legend, more than one hundred years ago, a businessman invited a geomantic master to choose a "lucky field" for them to invoke prosperity in the future. When they arrived at the shijing Mountain, they found a peak in the distance by the sea like a rhinoceros raising the head and looking up at the Moon. The smooth-tongued geomantic master said: "as long as you stand on the mountain and face the sea making sincere wishes, and do good deeds, you will sure make a success."  A few years later, lucky in making money, the businessman had a flourishing business and became a very successful man as the master said. Now the Shijing Mountain Ropeways, embedded in this treasure land where a ghost shows its power, lies at the back of the mountain and faces the sea, having an air of being independent and ascending to heaven and become immortal. It covers an area of more then 6000 square meters with a magnificent scale and an extraordinary vigor.

The Shijing Mountain is famous for exotic stone landscapes. It is originally named "the mountain of Xiniuwangyue (the rhinoceros looking up at the Moon)" since there is a giant rock that looks like the horn, the nose and the mouth of a rhinoceros on the mountain top and the mountain has a shape of the body of a rhinoceros. Seen at a far distance, it looks like a rhinoceros raises its head and looks up at the moon. The exotic rocks all over the mountain crest and fall like waves on an open sea and strew at random in an orderly way; the starting part of the landscape is like a galloping horse while the ending part is like rivers returning to the sea; with a careful taste, it is like a natural picture of a hundred beasts. For this reason, it is later changed to the name of Shijing Mountain. Climbing up the mountain and overlooking, you will see the boundless waters, the dotted island, the beautiful bay, the prosperous city right before your eyes. The scenic area is a garden-style seashore city, the most characteristic and charming landscape of Zhuhai City.

Pearl Amusement Park

The amusement park is a modern large-scale garden style playground, which covers an area of over 400 thousand square meters. It has advanced play facilities and novel recreational items with new games emergeing endlessly. With dense woods, prosperous grass and blooming flowers all the year round, the amusement park is attractive with its unique architectural design. On both sides of the broad blacktop driveway, there are more than 30 interesting large, medium and small recreational items in the order of size.

The "roller coaster" rolls continuously on the orbit high up to the sky, takes a sudden turn and rolls down rapidly while writhing successively. You will experience a heart-stirring centrifugation. It is rather exciting and thrilling. The "high-speed sliding car" rushes on the orbits about a thousand meters in the sky, swoops down the high bank thirty meters as if carrying everything before it and then suddenly circumrotate wildly and speedily. It feels as if falling down from beyond the highest heavens and also as if running wild on the back of rough ox. The newly established large-scale item "high-speed windmill" ten meters high above the ground, which is overturned up and down, leftward and rightward, and forth and back for many times, will give you the terminal weightless experience of finding no ground beneath your feet. The Monster house, another kind of thrill, in which it is completely dark with chilly gusts of wind, hopeless screams, and corpses and ghost faces haunting irregularly, will make your hair stand on end and strike fear into the hearts of the enemies. The skyscraping wheels at a height of fifty meters above the ground will offer you the feeling that (once you climbed) on top of the Tai Mountain, all the other surrounding mountains look small. When you are still immersed in the comfortable "floating" of "the brave advance in torrents", you will have your heart in your mouth the moment you drift downstream at a height of ten meters like water rushing down the high mountains. The "bumper cars" will collide with each other until you see stars. The "interplanetary spiders", the "rotary aircraft" and the "forest mouse car", which will toss you up toward mid air, Take you to a state of increasing interest and test your will power though it is accompanied by tears in eyes after being stimulated. For tourists who are in fear of thrill, the following items will also not let you calm down: "Mini racing cars", "small trains", "aquatic bicycles", and "small-scale golf course", etc. They will let you enjoy unbounded joy in its fullness in an atmosphere charged with excitement.

When you need to have a rest or take some food, there are the Fast Food Shop, the Chinese Food Restaurant, the Western Food Restaurant and the Italian Pizza Hut under the banyans and inside the pergolas, which will offer tourists rich and varied cuisine and snacks. The mountaintop opera house in the amusement park not only presents a series of entertainments all the year round, but also puts on performances of the literature and art programs on the large and small outdoor stages on holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. The amusement park uses the general admission tickets all and singular. The tickets can entitle tourists to the use of almost all the recreational items in the amusement park.(Unlimited use of most recreational items are allowable) .

Seaside Park

Towering aloft on the shore of the picturesque Xianglu Bay in urban areas of Zhuhai, the sculpture of fishing girl has a graceful figure blooming with beauty. The girl wears a necklace around the neck, and ties nets around the waist with trouser legs slightly rolled up. She holds a pearl high in the air with both hands in an elegant pose, as if declaring publicly its bright luster and offering a precious treasure.  Made of 70 pieces of granite, the stone sculpture is 8.7 meters in height and 10 tons in weight. It is the first large-scale seaside stature in our country and the symbol of Zhuhai.

Xianglu Bay has the shape of half moon and it acquires the name as the fishermen went ashore from the bay to worship in the Xianglu Cave on the Shijing Mountain in the past. It has picturesque sceneries with the blue sea, silver beach, stretches of green woods, sea gulls chasing the waves and sail boats passing through. A Chuandi Mountain stretches into the sea, and separates the Xianglu Bay into two small graceful bay loops like a water chestnut in the water. Therefore, the two bay loops are also called the mouth of the water chestnut. The Qinglv Road, built along the seashore of the Xianglu Bay, has a total length of 15 kilometers. It adds a modern and romantic atmosphere to Zhuhai. When night falls, the ornamental lights are just lit up and the glittering sea surface is dotted with lights on fishing boats, which forms a charming night view. The seaside Qinglv Road becomes a good place for the leisure and recreation of the locals.

Sightseeing around Macau

Sightseeing around Macau is one of the most representative tours in Zhuhai. The sightseeing ship sets out from the ferry quay of the Jiuzhou Harbor, the Xiangzhou Harbor or Wanzai. The trip takes one and a half hours, which provides tourists sufficient time to take photos and enjoy the sceneries. The sightseeing ship pass through the Flying Wing Sea-route, which provides tourists an opportunity to marvel at the majestic appearance of the most advanced flying wing boat in the world. When the ship pass through the Friendship Bridge of Macau, sceneries, such as the MacauZhongyin Mansion, the Grand Pujing Hotel, the Catholic Church, the Mansion of the Director of Macau, the Monument of Macau's Return to the motherland, etc, are displayed before you. At the same time, you can have a look at the Macau International Airport and feel as if you had really arrived at Macau personally.. Macau is a "sleepless city" with a good reputation at home and abroad. It is surely a best choice for tourists who pay a visit Zhuhai to enjoy watching the colorful and prosperous sceneries of Macau on the slight sea with the landward wind on a misty night.


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