Malaysia is a sovereign country located on the Malay Peninsula and a northern portion of the Island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. Malaysia comprises thirteen states and three federal territories. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur, while Putrajaya is the seat of the federal government.

The population stands at over 25 million. The country is separated into two regions "Peninsular Malaysia" and "Malaysian Borneo" by the South China Sea. Malaysia borders Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The country is located near the equator and experiences a tropical climate.

TOURASIA Malaysia Day Tours

  Code Tour Duration  
MADSW01 Kuching City Tour (Approx. 3 hrs)
MADSW02 Sarawak River Cruise (Approx. 2.5 hrs)
MADSW03 Semonggok Wildlife Rehabilition Centre (Approx. 3 hrs)
MADSW04 Jong`s Crocodile Farm (Approx. 3 hrs)
MADSW05 Bidayuh Longhouse - Anah Rias (Approx. 3 hrs)
MADSW06 Mangrove Swamp Cruise (Approx. 3 hrs)
MADSW07 Matang Wildlife Centre (Approx. 3 hrs)
MADSW08 Santubong Wildlife Cruise (Approx. 3.5 hrs)
MADSW09 Kuching Heritage Walkabout Tour (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADSW10 Kuching City & River Tour (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADSW11 Sarawak Cultural Village (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADSW12 Mangrove & Irrawaddy Dolphin Cruise (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADSW13 Bako National Park (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADSW14 Bau Fairy Cave (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADSW15 Matang Wildlife + Trekking at Kubah (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADSW16 Rafflesia Safari (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADSW17 Satang Island Excursion (Approx. 8 hrs)

Cameron Highlands
  Code Tour Duration  
MADCH01 Hill Forest Walk (Approx. 2 - 3 hrs)
MADCH02 Mossy Forest Night Walk (Apporx. 2 - 3 hrs)
MADCH03 Mossy Forest Walk (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADCH04 Asli Village Tour (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADCH05 Countryside Bike Tour (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADCH06 Boh Estate Bike Tour (Approx. 8 hrs)

Kota Bharu
  Code Tour Duration  
MADKB01 Kota Bharu Cultural Town Tour (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADKB02 Sleeping Buddha Tour (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADKB03 Caving Adventure at Gua Ikan (Approx. 9 hrs)
MADKB04 A Day with Shadow Play Puppeteers (Tok Dalang) (Approx. 6 hrs)

Kuala Lumpur
  Code Tour Duration  
MADKL01 KL Highlights Discovery (Approx. 4.5 hrs)
MADKL02 KL CIty Discovery (Approx. 3.5 hrs)
MADKL03 KL Countryside Discovery (Approx. 3.5 hrs)
MADKL04 Discover the School of Hard Knocks (Approx. 3.5 hrs)
MADKL05 Discover Putrajaya (Approx. 3.5 hrs)
MADKL06 Dinner Date in the Sky (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADKL07 Dinner Date with Culture (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADKL08 KL Gardens & Parks Discovery (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADKL09 Templer`s Park Discovery (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADKL10 KL Heritage Discovery Walk (City Centre) (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADKL11 KL Heritage Discovery Walk (Brickfields) (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADKL12 The National Zoo Discovery (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADKL13 The Rainforest Discovery (Approx. 5 hrs)
MADKL14 The Lights Up Discovery (Approx. 6 hrs)
MADKL15 Discover Sunway Lagoon (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADKL16 Port Dickson Discovery (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADKL17 Genting Highlands Discovery (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADKL18 Discover A`Famosa (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADKL19 Fraser`s Hill Discovery (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADKL20 Bukit tinggi French Discovery (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADKL21 Crab Island Discovery (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADKL22 Discover Gentle Creatures (Elephants) (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADKL23 Journey to Discovery - Malacca (Approx. 9 hrs)
MADKL24 Journey to Discovery - Ipoh (Approx. 10 hrs)

Kuala Terengganu
  Code Tour Duration  
MADTG01 Terengganu Countryside Tour (Approx. 5 hrs)
MADTG02 Terengganu City Tour (Approx. 5 hrs)
MADTG03 Terengganu River Safari (Approx. 3 hrs)
MADTG04 Terengganu River Safari & Heritage (Approx. 5 hrs)
MADTG05 Cemerong Waterfall & Pasir Raja (Apporx. 8 hrs)
MADTG06 Sekayu Waterfall & Terrapin Conservation Center (Approx. 5 hrs)
MADTG07 Lata Tembakah & La Hot Spring (Approx. 7.5 hrs)
MADTG08 Rantau Abang Hidden Treasure (Approx. 6 hrs)
MADTG09 Fireflies Sanctuary & Penarik Fishing Village (Approx. 5 hrs)

  Code Tour Duration  
MADKU01 Cherating Village & Kuantan Town (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADKU02 Royal Pekan Tour (Approx. 5 hrs)
MADKU03 Panching Cave & Pandan Waterfalls (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADKU04 Lake Chini Tour (Approx. 6 hrs)
MADKU05 Turtle Watching (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADKU06 Terengganu Tour (Approx. 9 hrs)
MADKU07 Pulau Kapas Tour (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADKU08 Elephant Tour (Approx. 6 hrs)
MADKU09 Sungai Lembing Tour (Approx. 4 hrs)

  Code Tour Duration  
MADPG01 Penang City Tour (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADPG02 Penang Round Island Tour (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADPG03 Penang Hill & Templer Tour (Approx, 4 hrs)
MADPG04 Penang highlights (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADPG05 Spice & Fruits of Penang (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADPG06 Gardens of Penang Tour (Approx. 5 hrs)
MADPG07 Penang Heritage & Trishaw Tour (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADPG08 Discover Penang by Trishaw A (Approx.2.5 hrs)
MADPG09 Discover Penang by Trishaw B (Approx. 3.5 hrs )
MADPG10 Penang Heritage Walking Tour A (Approx. 4 hrs )
MADPG11 Penang Heritage Walking Tour B (Approx. 5 hrs )
MADPG12 Georgetown by Night (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADPG13 Penang Taman Negara (Approx. 7 hrs)
MADPG14 Go Up North (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADPG15 Pulau Payar Snorkelling Tour (Approx. 11 hrs)
MADPG16 Pulau Payar Diving Tour (Approx. 11 hrs)
MADPG17 Langkawi Island Tour (Approx. 12 hrs)
MADPG18 Langkawi Natures Day Tour (Approx. 12 hrs)
MADPG19 Orang Utan Island, Bukit Merah Tour (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADPG20 Taiping Zoo Day Tour (Approx. 8 hrs)

  Code Tour Duration  
MADSB01 Kota Kinabalu City Tour (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADSB02 Kota Kinabalu by Night (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADSB03 Island Hopping with BBQ Lunch (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADSB04A Kinabalu Park Tour (Approx. 7 hrs)
MADSB04B Kinabalu Park Tour & Mesilau (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADSB05 Kinabalu Park with Poring Hot Spring (Approx. 9 hrs)
MADSB06 Padas Whitewater Rafting (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADSB07 Kiulu Whitewater Rafting (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADSB08 Gerama River Cruise (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADSB09 Mengkabong River Cruise (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADSB10 Monsopiad Cultural Village (Approx. 3 hrs)
MADSB11 Kudat Longhouse & Tip of Borneo (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADSB12 Orang Utan Encounter (Approx. 4 hrs)

  Code Tour Duration  
MADLK01 Langkawi Island Tour (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADLK02 Cave & Mangrove Tour (Approx. 6 hrs)
MADLK03 Village Cycling Experience (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADLK04 Island Hopping Tour (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADLK05 Animal Paradise (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADLK08 Snorkelling Trip (Reef Platform) (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADLK09 Snorkelling Trip (On The Beach) (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADLK10 Diving Trip (Reef Platform / On The Beach) (Approx. 8 hrs)
MADLK11 Full Day Cruise (Approx. 6 hrs)
MADLK12 Sunset Cocktail Cruises (Approx. 3 hrs)
MADLK13 Sunset Dinner Cruises (Approx. 3 hrs)
MADLK14 Jungle Trekking at Matchinchang (Approx. 4 hrs)
MADLK15 Mangrove Kayaking at Kilim River (Approx. 6 hrs)
MADLK16 Langkawi Canopy Walk (Approx. 4 hrs)

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