Thailand lies in Southeast Asia, with Laos and Cambodia to its east, the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia to its south, and the Andaman Sea and Myanmar to its west. The country's official name was Siam until 24 June 1939. It was again called Siam between 1945 and May 11, 1949, when it was once again changed by official proclamation. The word Thai means "freedom" in the Thai language and is also the name of the majority ethnic group.

TOURASIA Thailand Round Trip Tours

Round Trip Tours
  Code Tour Duration  
TLRT01 Explore the North Thailand (12 Days 11 Nights)
TLRT02 Explore the South Thailand (12 Days 11 Nights)
TLRT03 Thailand Encompassed Krabi (12 Days 11 Nights)
TLRT04 Thailand Encompassed Samui (12 Days 11 Nights)
TLRT05 Samed Beach Break (3 Days 2 Nights)

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